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 UL-3485 Harmony Pyramid (5 Himalayan Crystals)

Energetic Harmonization Pyramid (Medium) (3''1/4 x 3''1/4 X 2 5/8'') Orgo-Life ® exclusive active/passive technology, 53.3 degree (pyramid tilt) , with TECHNOLOGY Orgo-Life® power supply transformer


Ideal for manifesting wishes, increasing potency and ultimate power
Comes with a flashing or non-flashing red LED light to indicate you are now in ACTIVE MODE.

  • The shape of the pyramid represents the fire element, its direction is South.
  • Similar to traditional incense (specifically sandalwood), this pyramid can be used to connect with divinity, ancestors, beings on higher planes (facing east).
  • Active allows to multiply x 1000 times the power
  • Bright LED that flashes to indicate active mode
  • Also works great when unplugged, in passive mode
  • Over 15 different stones inside for amazing benefits
  • Titanium, copper, iron and aluminum metal

EN Dimensions of Energy Pyramids Orgo Life.com 300x225

  • Near a router
  • For WI-FI waves
  • For Bluetooth waves
  • For computers
  • By your bedside table when you sleep
  • In your bag when traveling
  • In your car

Pyramid Amplifier


WEIGHT: Approximate 0.382 grams (0.842 lbs)

DIMENSIONS: 8.3 x 8.3 x 6.6 cm H approx. / 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 2 5/8 H inches approx.

MODEL: UL-3485

TECHNOLOGY: Active with amplifier transformer (x 1000 times more powerful in active mode and also without plugging in passive mode

TRANSFORMER: Our booster generator operates on 110 volts or 220 volts (Europe and others)

PACKAGING: 7.5'' X 7.5'' (Base) X 8.0'' Height / 20.0 cm X 19 cm (Base) X 18 cm Height, 900 grams or 1.98 lbs approximately.

QTY in package: 1 Geo-Quantum Pyramid 53.3 (Pyramid tilt) (5 x Himalayan crystals), 1 x transformer/amplifier, 1 instruction booklet, certificates of guarantee and conformity. With serial number.

COLOUR: CLEAR transparent polyester resin

WARRANTY: 25 years

#BARCODE: 600291593788

Come with instructions in FR/EN and warranty certificate

EN FR Ancient=Pyramids Orgo Life.com 800px

The Pyramids of Harmonization and Power

The pyramid

The pyramid shape helps to neutralize any access to harmful waves for our health. It is for this reason that it is increasingly used by people who rightly or wrongly apprehend the "subtle energy attacks" of wicked people. Installed near the pyramid, tools, food and living beings benefit from curious positive waves. When you are next to a Pyramid, it comforts you and reassures you if you fear being disturbed by people considered evil. This real calamity that generates jealousy, nowadays wreaks havoc at all levels of the family, community and society. He spares no one and can go so far as to endanger each of us. Protecting yourself has therefore become a completely natural reflex.


EN Energy Circulation Pyramids Orgo Life.com 720px

The special power of the pyramid can be best felt when the pyramid is aligned with the magnetic north pole. Countless researchers around the world have found that the pyramid shape alone has some remarkable energy properties.

All of our Orgo-Life pyramids contain 5 quartz crystal points (UL-3485). These are placed at the tip of the pyramid, and at its base pointing in all 4 directions (UL-3485). The natural tips of the crystals help create an energy field.

 The pyramids therefore have a much stronger and more directed flow of energy and a wider radius of effect. Psychics and energy sensitive people will often observe a beam of energy coming out of the top of the pyramid - most people can feel this by waving their hand in the air above the pyramid and describing it as a feeling of warmth or tingling or pressure on the palm of the hand.

These Pyramids were created with the specific intentions of banishing negative energies and entities while cleansing home and person. The main intention is to bring harmony into all aspects of your life (the grounding). A pyramid functions as a transmitter to direct intention. By charging it with your thoughts, it will manifest and harmonize!


EN FR Pyramides 53degres Orgo Life.com 440pxEN FR Pyramids Egypt 5 pyramid energy Orgo Life.com 800px

Also known to repel negative energy and harmful electromagnetic waves. Our homes are a cesspool of harmful electromagnetic pollution from our phones, Wi-Fi, and other electrical devices. The Pyramid effectively absorbs and transmutes these waves into a productive and healing wavelength. This is one of the main advantages of this pyramid that attracts people! It protects your body from its harmful effects.

EN FR Pyramids Energy Illuminati Orgo Life.com 920px

Cleaner water. Water that has rested near the pyramid will taste better (about 5 minutes) and is also healthier.

Purifies the atmosphere. Hence the popular practice of offering pyramids to areas affected by EMF pollution.

Many people have experienced instant relief with a simple pendant, although if you are highly sensitive to EMF radiation you may need to place more pieces such as: your jewellery, sacred objects, letter, written intentions or the like near your pyramid.

These pyramids are made with a minimum ratio of 40/60 resin/metals & stones.

EN FR Pyramids Energy Pyramid Orgo Life.com 720px

****All Orgo-Life's are created in a positive and loving environment. stained with sage and charged with either sun/moon depending on the destination of each of our Orgo-Life units!

As with all handcrafted items using natural elements, variations in color, clarity, composition are to be expected.

Nothing is perfect... If it was, it wouldn't be handmade.

 720px All Pyramids

 When adopting an Orgo-Life® you are buying first and foremost an artisan product. When you purchase any of our product units, there are all made according to a standard production recipe,  (weight, parts, and assembly are all the same) but the little artistic differences,  copper logos and size of the way the stones are naturally made, your unit will be 95% close to the picture you now see.

First are foremost it will be unique in the world with its own unique serial number and the model. So remember your purchase shall be 95% close to the picture you see, all our unit are randomly chosen for each new customer, it is the chosen one especially for you. They are very small defects; tiny whole, minor little cuts etc.. When looking at you unit very closely, this is why they are handmade after all.  But looking at it from at 1-3 feet distance they become perfect sacred ceremony objects as well. This is very normal for any Orgo-Life® product.

We sent you the tracking number immediately (24-48 hours) after a purchase, but we deliver to post offices within 7-10 days only, because it is handmade some products must be in production (depending on the selected model). Thanks for understanding.

Note that; that your Orgo-Life® device is handmade, they all have small mini defects, very small holes, etc... when looked at very closely 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) , but at a good distance of 1.5 feet and more, they look perfect. Due to the manual work and the polyester resin product with the Orgo-Life, it is normal to look like this. Orgo-Life is a unique technology that can only be made by hand. It is above all an artisanal product.

Our devices do not claim to cure any disease or illness. Disclaimer: In the event of a serious medical condition, please seek the help and advice of a qualified medical professional. The potential health benefits have not been evaluated by national medical licensing bodies.

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