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The technology of the future now at our doorstep, today!

MASTER DESIGN 8.5x5.5 inch Branding BOX Animals SERIES


Orgo-Life® Domestic Animals & Farm Animals Series

« Protect your Domestic Pets, get a better health overall with your farm animals! Save on Veterinary Fees with Orgo-Life® ! »

  • Farm Animals produce more milk, better meat taste, better eggs etc...
  • Your Domestic pets will be in a much healthier state
  • Animals will also be more enthusiastic with Orgo-Life®
  • You will generate more effientcy and money because your farm animals will be in better health and produce more quantity (eggs, milk etc…)
  • Your animals will have a better oveall energy everyday
  • They will be much happier


Orgo-Life for animals
Energy and protection modules for your animals

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UL-5010 (Plants and sprouts and small pets)

UL-5010 Small to medium plant Orgo-life® Unit,

(ORGO-LIFE QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY®), for better growing, nice plants and energy boost, protects for EMF and much more….

and for small  pets, aquarium, lizards, snakes, rat, etc...


3 Mini Plant Charger (sprouts/plants/Animals) indoor/outdoor


  • For your shoots (Germination)
  • For all the plants in the house
  • In your bag
  • Where your pet sleeps
  • In an aquarium
  • In the cage of your snake, bird, lizard or other


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