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Watch for the official opening this month (Around  November 10th 2022) of our website, we are presently working on this website, so certain options may not work properly during the process,   in the meantime you can visit the Facebook official page here:

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Instructions Downloads for Orgo-Life products

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All of our Downloads (Instruction manuals) for all Orgo-Life Products are here!

You will find here all operation manuals for all of the orgo-Life products, they are available in two different languages   ENGLISH & FRENCH language:

All of the 5G & EMF Protection Products: 

All of the Protection & Haling Pendant Medallions Series (Necklace) 

All of the Corporate Energy Charging Plate Series  

All of the Orgo-Life Active / Passive Pyramids

All of our Quantum Charging Plates for the Quantum Family Series

All of the Animal Series

All of the Agriculture & Gardening Series

All of the Therapeutic PRO Series with 2 amplifiers option (for clinic etc...)


Congratulations, you are done! If you have any  inquiry or questions please write to us. 



Download our Orgo-Life® Brochure

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Please click on the flyer link to download our Orgo-Life® brochure

Information, brochures and photos for all authorized dealers

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Information, brochures, photos and more for all authorized dealers & resellers

Manuals Downloads for all of our products (Customers)

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All of our instruction Manuals & Brochures for all of our Orgo-Life® & Magickey Teknik® products

Installation and usage Instructions for all Orgo-Life products

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All of our Downloads (Instruction manuals) for all Orgo-Life Products are here!

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