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Watch for the official opening this month (Around  November 10th 2022) of our website, we are presently working on this website, so certain options may not work properly during the process,   in the meantime you can visit the Facebook official page here:

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Our frequently asked question: 

On Orgo-Life product?

What is the difference between an Orgonite and an Orgo-Life?

How to use the active features with the ACTIVE AND PASSIVE Series?

Is Orgo-Life technolgy dangerous?

Can I use my Quantum Zapper  for a very longtime?

Where can I purchase an Orgo-Life?

Why do you give a 25 years warranty?

What model is good for me? 

General questions (F.A.Q.)

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General Questions (F.A.Q.) in this section about all technologies available to the general public: UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS

All the answers on our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants (F.A.Q.)

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You are in our Questions and Answers section on all our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants:  UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS

EMF Questions 5G and 5G Plus Orgo-Life modules

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EMF Questions


Find what you're looking for in our Orgo-Life Technology Q&A on:

  • On research and development
  • On Quantum Operation and Amplifiers
  • On the differences between certain models
  • On copper logos & mandalas

All questions and answers about our medallions and the different series:

  • Can I wear it at night?
  • Is the time to adapt to the pendant the same for everyone?
  • Which pendant is best for me?
  • What is Quantum Push technology?

5G MODULES And 5G PLUS modules for toxic waves and electromagnetic fields

  • How to protect yourself from toxic waves
  • How waves affect our health
  • How to Transmute Energies
  • Where to place the modules in your home
  • How much does a 5G or 5G Plus module cover?

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