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Adopting an Orgo-Life® means adopting it for life

MASTER Therapeutic TOOLS SERIES orgo

Orgo-Life® Quantum Therapeutic Tools

Orgo-Life® Energy Quantum Therapeutic Tools, either by Lithotherapy.

“New Technologies for all your discomforts, to soothe and regain your well-being with Orgo-Life® Energetic Therapeutic Tools! »

  • Tools for all kinds of energetic discomforts
  • Become your own energy therapist at home
  • Take classes on Line with the Magickey Teknik World Academy®

Energy Quantum Technology (Lithotherapy) at the service of the People; 

  • Fast energetic relief of all discomforts in your body-Ideal when you take the Magickey Teknik courses online for your well-being!

By combining the ideas from mind-body medicine with quantum physics, meditation as well as new energetic technology,  tools & Techniques (Lithotherapy)

  • Unlock your Energy of all your Chakras
  • Unlock all blocked energies in your body
  • Activate your meridians
  • Open the possibilities to perform quantum energetic healing on yourself
  • Achieve better overall health of body, mind and being


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OH-5523 Magickey Teknik® Quantum Harmonizing Wand, emits 1,500 – 2,000 negative ions.

The Magickey Teknik® Harmonizing Wand is naturally self-energizing

This pen and is developed by Nano Fusion which is a unique and beneficial combination of crystals and minerals, which generate a high concentration of SCALAR ENERGY, NEGATIVE IONS, crystal energy and magnetic energy. in a single protective power field.


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