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UL-5010 Small to medium plant Orgo-life® Unit,

(ORGO-LIFE QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY®), for better growing, nice plants and energy boost, protects for EMF and much more….

UL-5010 (Plants and sprouts and small  pets)


  • 3 Mini Plant Charger (sprouts/plants/Animals) indoor/outdoor


  • For your shoots (Germination)
  • For all the plants in the house
  • In your bag
  • Where your pet sleeps
  • In an aquarium
  • In the cage of your snake, bird, lizard or other



WEIGHT :   152 approximae grams  (0.335  lbs)

DIMENSIONS :  50 mm X 50 mm diameter x 30 mm  approx . tall

MODEL : UL-5010

TECHNOLOGY :  passive

PACKAGING :  3  x mini energetic plate  + Instruction


COLOR :   Amber and slight bluish

CODE BAR :     600291593603

WARANTY :  25 years          

Comes with FR/EN  Instructions + certificate of warranty

Our Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology:

It is the science of resonance, of the stone which vibrates at one level and is encoded in a particular way in order to emanate resonance information (ideal frequency of 15 Hz) with what is nearby. It will work where there is an imbalance. You will begin to resonate with your ORGO-LIFE QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® according to your movements and for the energy of your Life balance for any house plants or pets.


Agricultural production - Vegetable production - Horticulture - Permaculture - Landscaping


  • Increases production yield.
  • Increases plant size.
  • Increases the quantity of flowers, fruits or vegetables obtained, all in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.


Increase in the nutritional value of the food obtained.

Propels the plant in an optimal environment so that it offers more of the properties specific to each of your plants (for example, carvacrol in the production of oregano is sought after in the culinary and therapeutic arts).

Obtaining an ideal vibratory frequency resulting in a perceptible visual dynamism of the plant.

See your flowers and fruits become radiant with life.

Taste quality:

Accentuates the taste quality of each edible vegetable.

Permanently improves the taste and voluptuousness of your food, making it more desirable

One effect that is widely reported among people who use Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology  is that it helps their plants grow faster and look nicer (healthier).  


For house plants, interior agriculture and can be used for your pets, where they sleep on their cushings.

426x270px for sprouts germinations UL 5010 1


Place the Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology   unit near the trunk of the plant using the serial number sticker on the unit point at the top, meaning the side with no stickers goes on the surface (upper position) of the earth.


You want high energy and faster growing sprout at home, put in under you container where growing your sprouts.  You will get amazing results.

800x270px Birds oiseaux UL 5010 1800x270px Cats Chats UL 5010 1800x270px Dogs Chiens UL 5010 1



if you have birds  put it into the cages, the sticker  facing  down.  For dogs or cats put it on their cushing where their usually sleep at night .


Since your unit is sealed with resin, it doesn’t need any exterior help to be recharged,  your unit carries a 25 year warranty.  (enclosed with your purchase)


The unit will transmute bad energies:

You can achieve amazing and spectacular results in speed growing, looks and naturally taste when using the Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology Unit and enhance plant growth.

Which Speaking of one such instance, many types of sprouts that you are growing in water, which is super charged with life energy, take less than two days to be edible instead of the usual three days.  Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology help optimize sprouting.

In fact, methods to enhance plant growth with the addition of Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology are very ancient.  Plant growth happens better with the natural energy sources around them rather than those compared with the normal growth without any forms of these energies around.

To enhance plant growth with Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology and radionics is easy.  You can see the results very soon.  These visible results have been tested time and again by means of scientific methods. 

One of the easiest methods, of course, is the treatment of the water that you use on the plants.  It is evident that plants prefer living water, i.e., water that is super charged with life energy i.e. the Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® Technology generated water.  You can achieve still better effects with water that is also programmed towards certain desired results such as resistance against specific diseases or pests. 

Naturally, a week or two of using water that has been saturated with life energy on your house plants can give you the evidence that you wanted or thought of.

Another method instead of charging the water with life energy, you can also think of charging the fertilizers as well, even artificial fertilizers, in which case food that you are growing can almost gain this unmistakable fine organic generating power. Such plants, although not completely matching that which is organically grown, certainly come close to such strength!


Orgo-Life® Modules generally have positive and beneficial effects on plants and pets.

A widely reported effect among people who have been using Orgo-Life® for years; say the units help their plants grow faster and prettier.

You can get spectacular results in speed, appearance and natural taste when you use the UL-5010 Orgo-Life® unit with sprouts, plants or pets, to enhance plant growth or to revive your pet's energy.

Speaking of such an example, many kinds of sprouts that you grow in water, which is super charged with life energy, take less than two days to be edible instead of the usual three days. Orgo-Life® helps to optimize your germination.

In fact, methods for improving plant growth with the addition of Orgo-Life® technology are very old. Plant growth occurs better with the natural energy sources that surround them rather than those compared to normal growth without any form of these energies.

Improving plant growth with Orgo-Life® Technology is very easy. You will be able to see the results very soon. These visible results have been tested over and over again using scientific methods.

One of the simplest methods, of course, is the water treatment you use on the plants. It is obvious that plants prefer living water, i.e. water overloaded with vital energy, i.e. water charged with Orgo-Life® Technology. You can achieve even better effects with water that is also programmed for certain desired results such as resistance against specific diseases or pests.

Naturally, a week or two of using Life Energy saturated water on your houseplants will give you the proof you want or think.

Another method instead of charging the water with vital energy, you can also think of also charging the fertilizers, even artificial fertilizers, in which case the foods you grow can almost acquire that unmistakable fine organic generating power. Such plants, although not completely corresponding to those grown organically, certainly come close to such strength!



Generally speaking, the methods used to increase plant growth by Orgo-Life® Technology Units vary depending on the equipment you use, the size of the area treated and the time spent on it. Results vary depending on other natural factors that also help the plant grow.

Orgo-Life® Technology offers products of all types; The Active or Passive Orgo-Life® Technology Geo-Quantum Energy Charging Plate, the Orgo-Life® Technology Family Charging Plate, the Active or Passive Orgo-Life® Technology pyramids, etc.

Wishing you the best experience with Orgo-Life® Technology.

Sprout Growing

For example, once some people conducted a test on wheat sprouts. The one with the Orgo-Life® placed near it, sprouted at a much faster rate than its counterpart. Similar effects were observed by a person who used Orgo-Life® in his kitchen garden. He claimed that the vegetables were bigger, and more mature when grown in a soil mixed with Orgo-Life®. While another family who grew Orgo-Life® cucumbers had such a great yield that they were unable to decide what they were going to do with the excess cucumbers.

Also, some people claimed that Orgo-Life®s helped vegetables to last for a longer time. For example, the bananas grown in the soil incorporated with Orgo-Life®, took a long time to darken than its counterparts.

There are many such benefits experienced by Orgo-Life® users. Even though,  how Orgo-Life® helps in plant growth is not yet known to the people but the visible effects of it on the plants proves a lot.

Note that; that your Orgo-Life® device is handmade, they all have small mini defects, very small holes, etc... when looked at very closely 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) , but at a good distance of 1.5 feet and more, they look perfect. Due to the manual work and the polyester resin product with the Orgo-Life, it is normal to look like this. Orgo-Life is a unique technology that can only be made by hand. It is above all an artisanal product.

Our devices do not claim to cure any disease or illness. Disclaimer: In the event of a serious medical condition, please seek the help and advice of a qualified medical professional. The potential health benefits have not been evaluated by national medical licensing bodies. 


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