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Retrospective of Bruno Guertin our sales manager (In renegotiation of his director contract) of the therapeutic series PRO Orgo-Life®

Retrospective of Bruno Guertin our sales manager (In renegotiation of his director contract) of the therapeutic series PRO Orgo-Life®

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Here is a short summary of where I come from.



From a very young age, I knew things that I couldn't explain to myself. At the age of 7 I told my mother that I had a big family, she said to me: Yes you are 10 children! I had looked at him and told him, mum, I'm talking to you about everything, this foreign world in this room that I don't know; they're my brothers and sisters.


720px Bruno Guertin en yoga meditation Orgo Life.com wellness med

At 10 years old, I knew how to meditate in the lotus position without anyone telling me how to do it.

Reiki Bruno Guertin orgo life.com


At 11-12 years old I had already practiced Reiki on my dog ​​and the trees… I could feel all their powerful energies.


720 Bruno Guertin dog meets little kitten in female hands Orgo Life.com

At 16 I could stop the blood from flowing, get rid of migraines, back pain, sciatic nerve problems, arms, legs, shoulders etc….

A little later, I was doing hypnosis; I noticed that I could change the taste of wine, or beer and remove the effect of alcohol as if it were water. Also I could fit 42 coins on my face without it falling, basically I started my apprenticeship in magnetism.

 Many years ago I noticed that people are no longer aware of the true riches of life. As thought creates and attracts everything we think about, we attract everything we think about negatively. We make our life a life of suffering, misery, and disease, and we seek because we are not happy. And suffering and disease are there to wake us up; it's the red light that comes on to tell us that we're not living the right way. We live in disharmony (like my experience of my lung being sick right now). The more good you give in life, the more good you will reap and the more bad you give, the more bad you will reap.

“Each of us is the creator of his existence and his life.”


720px Bruno Guertin Orgo Life.com

By meeting the Orgo-life® products, I noticed the amplitude of this energy which emerges from the modules, of its vortex so powerful that it interacts directly with our vibratory field and our physique. It brings balance and perfect structure with our DNA, atoms, molecules, physical body and fluids. I immediately said to myself what a beautiful tool to bring consciousness to human beings, what beautiful energy this product produces. I had never had a similar experience so strong in energy this vortex penetrated me and my whole being begun to vibrate with the resonance of the energy of the Orgo-life® energy tablet.

 What I have noticed from Orgo-life® products is that it looks like reiki if you will, but even more powerful with a much stronger vortex and that without the intervention of a human, who lives with it all sorts of feelings and emotion that could poison his vital energy, which would then be transmitted to us.

 Can we say that man lives 100% in harmony and purity?

 This technology does not have this constraint; it produces energy which is then absorbed by the physical body.

 With its quantum technology, the modules work at the level of the auric field and also the DNA, molecules and atoms of the physical body and its fluids in order to reorganize the natural balance of the physical body and all its subtle bodies. Orgo-Life® tablets promote well-being in ailments such as:

  • Having a lot of stress
  • Anxiety
  • Exhaustion
  • Mental restlessness
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of Focus
  • Not being in the present moment
  • Having Depression....


It brings good humor, joie de vivre, cheerfulness, ideas are clearer, concentration and future projects are now more present.

 Of course the intention has a big place in the process because we are co-creators of all that is. In India old rituals are still practiced today, words are written in ink on a piece of paper which is infused, the ink dissolves in water with the intention of whoever created and the patient drinks the water and regains better overall health.

  It is said that one day science will walk again; hand in hand with spirituality here we have arrived. 2022 is the big start!


Now you will understand why the Orgo-life® team is part of my life and why I became sales manager to be even more at the service of my community.

 720px Bruno Guertin Directeur ventes Orgo Life.com

This product more than enchanted me; he helps me daily to connect with my natural essence and facilitates the bridge between the energy of the sky and the energy of the earth which is quite difficult to do.

To visit his online store Click here: 



I wish you all to live this quantum experience with Orgo-Life® products.


Bye for now.

Bruno Guertin

(In renegotiation of his director contract)


Bruno Guertin

Sales Manager for Orgo-Life® PRO Therapeutic Series

Authorized Dealer in Montérégie


Brun Guertin

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