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Point of view of Ghislaine, Orgo-Life® depositary

Point of view of Ghislaine, Orgo-Life® depositary

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Ghislaine shares a little thought with you.


And you the People! What do you think of my explanatory text in my words for the Orgo-Life. With the aim of making the Orgo-Life® understood in my own way.

Is it good to see Orgo-Life® like this in my own way.

 CAT WATER 275 Orgo life Collier 2

Buy an Orgo-Life to help find an energy balance to help find an ideal vibrational frequency for the proper energy functioning of all our cells, our organs and all our energy bodies.

Life is acidifying, stress is acidifying, 5G waves are acidifying. Processed foods are acidifying, negative thoughts are acidifying (ion+= H+= acid PH) (it decreases the energy and vibrational frequency of our cells). Good sleep, yoga, breathing in cardiac choir is calming, positive thoughts are calming (ion-=H-= basic PH) (this increases the energy and vibration frequency of our cells). The energy well-being and the good vibratory frequency of the human body are found when we can find a certain balance between the acidifying things (acid H+) and the calming things = (basic H-). The ability to return to a balanced PH is the greatest challenge for our human well-being as well as all that is alive. Since we are a hologram of the earth, the ideal vibrational frequency for the proper vibrational energy functioning of our body is 15Hz.

The same frequency as the earth. The Orgo-Life are all made with the power to transmute negative energies therefore to take the negative energy outside of us (in our external environment) and inside of us (our internal environment) and transform them positive energy within us and around us.

An organ with cells in energy balance and a good vibrational frequency is an organ that functions well. A set of organs in energy balance and with a good vibrational frequency is a body that functions well. You can have an Orgo-Life from 100$ to more than 1000$ the difference between each of them is;

CAT WATER 275 orgo life mini table 1

-The time that is more or less long to transmute negative energy into positive energy for an adequate vibrational frequency of each of our cells

-The time which is more or less long to restore an adequate vibratory rate it is also a PH close to balance for the good energy functioning of our cells, our Organs, our body.


To visit her online store Click here: 



Ghislaine C.

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