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Testimonial Nathalie Picard, Energy therapist; How to change your life during the holidays with Orgo-Life Products!.

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Nathalie has been practicing for years; Massage Therapy, Global Health Consultations, and experience energy vortexes.


Coming in english subtitle soon! 


The planetary grid is made up of circuits that distribute life energy throughout the earth. It's sort of the earth's circulatory system, its network of blood vessels. It is through the energy grid that the health of the Earth is maintained.


The important crossroads of the nadis of the human body are centers of energy distribution, the chakras. The chakras are conical or spherical volumes that cross the subtle bodies and connect the different vibratory levels of the body. Energy from the universe enters through the chakras. The body is not an isolated object adrift on the Earth. It is connected to the cosmos by multiple circuits.


It is the same for the body of the Earth which is structured by its vital circuits and by crossroads of energy flows. On some crossroads there are vortices. As we have seen (Planetary Grid), the grid is not only noticeable on the magnetic physical level, it exists on many dimensional levels. The vortices vertically cross several vibratory levels. Through its grids and vortices, the Earth is connected to the cosmos and receives impulses from the universe.


To live fully, the human being depends entirely on the good health of the terrestrial circuits. This is why in these ancient civilizations, a class of people was assigned to oversee, operate and adjust the gates and sacred places. These people were, according to our modern classification of tasks, engineers, guardians of sacred geometry, healers, sages and priests. This science is different from ours, much more subtle, deeper and more generous. She is in tune with life, she works in harmony with it.

To contact Natalie:

Nathalie Picard (Laurentians; Val-David/Mont-Tremblant) FRENCH

Chemin 2e Rang, St-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC., J0T 2J0, Canada

Off./Tel. : (819) 322-2397

WEBSITE: RacinedeVie.ca

Email/Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By appointment only/ By appointment only

Nathalie has experienced Orgo-Life's 9-point energy treatments:

Available In Magog, Qc, starting now, QC, APPROX. :

To make an appointment :

Here in Magog it is with the 2023 model to be released ONLY IF WE ACCEPT these are Alternative Energy Clinical trials to calibrate the next generations of the new 2023 machines, the treatments are extremely powerful..

Aruna Chy

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OFFICE. : +1 (514) 715-4640 or +1 (514) 800-8693.

Visit our website: https://orgo-life.com/

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