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Round Table 13, MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. what it brings to well-being.

Round Table 13, MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. what it brings to well-being.

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Round Table No. 13, on MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. The difference it makes in the world of well-being.


Great discussion on the advancements coming out in 2023, computers to support the Nenmus quantum disks on the 1-2-3-88 and 488 Orgo-Life® models.

 -A Rife machine from the Future?

-The different models available….

-Modules for animals

-The general benefits and effects of the Orgo-Life Energy Centers


Coming in english sub-titling soon!


Orgo-Life = self-wellness!

Experience the 9-point energy healing from Orgo-Life:

  • Soundbed 432hertz processing
  • A la carte treatment (surcharge) with magnetic mineral TDP lamp
  • Processing with one of our Quantum disks up to 4 Nenmus amplifiers 0.99, 1, 2.3, 88
  • 64-bit, 88-bit, 133-bit quantum disks
  • An energy pointer under your massage table to de-crystallize all your energy blockages
  • Energetic therapeutic modules placed all along all your meridians of your physical body
  • Energy treatment at the level of your brain, to relax, be in the present moment, heal your old emotional wounds, have a better vision, have an empty brain, and clear ideas.
  • Energetic treatment of all your body fluids
  • Bi-active treatment at the level of intelligent light therapies according to your energy needs

Available In Magog, Qc, starting now, QC, starting November 15, 2022 APPROX. :

To make an appointment :

Here in Magog it is with the 2023 model to be released ONLY IF WE ACCEPT these are Energy Alternative Clinical trials to calibrate the next generations of the new 2023 machines, the treatments are extremely powerful.

Aruna Chy

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OFFICE. : +1 (514) 715-4640 or +1 (514) 293-8922


Visit our website: https://orgo-life.com


Disclaimer: Orgo-Life devices are intended for energy and vibration treatments only. You should consult your doctor for all health issues.

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