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How to position your ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF Pyramid QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® according to the golden ratio

How to position your ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF Pyramid QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® according to the golden ratio

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An article on the benefits of properly positioning your pyramid in your home.


 North South Position Pyramid Orgo Life.com

Keeping pyramid will overcome all your problems. Especially if using Feng Shui positioning and Here's why

Vastu Shastra (Chinese Feng Shui)  involves even the smallest things that can have an impact on your life. In today's tip of the day, A well-known Master  reveals that a pyramid can be really beneficial for you. According to Vastu Shastra it is considered good to have a pyramid in the house.

The Pyramid and the north position Orgo Life.com

Keeping a pyramid in the house increases the income of the members of the house and maintains prosperity. Place the pyramid in the place where the members of the house spend the most time.

Solar alignments for Pyramids Orgo Life.com

The pyramid has a lot of energy in itself, so if a tired man sits near the pyramid for some time or in a pyramid-shaped place such as a temple, then his tiredness gets removed and the pyramid generated vibrations of the mind. And by giving the body a new power, it increases concentration.

It is considered best to keep a silver, brass or copper pyramid in the house, but if you cannot buy such an expensive pyramid, then you can also keep a pyramid made of wood, but never keep a pyramid of iron, aluminum or plastic but if using an Orgo-Life Technology ® that has amplifier then it is the perfect world and unit for your house. . Also do not put a picture of the pyramid, as it will not help.



This will simply magnify the effect of your use of that particular pyramid.

star position pyramids Orgo Life.com

In order to positively radiate a frequency of 15 Hz throughout a room or for an amplifier-transmuter effect: We suggest that you orient your Pyramid of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® golden ratio with the vertices from the square of the base towards the four cardinal points (therefore, the edges of the pyramid pointing towards the cardinal points): in this case, the high frequency of 15Hz will be released favorably towards the outside and will surround the room in which it is located .


Solar alignments for 2500 BC Pyramids Orgo Life.com

In order to protect you from electromagnetic fields or from a geopathogenic node, we then suggest arranging your Pyramid of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® golden ratio in such a way as to orient its four faces (therefore its 4 whole triangles) towards the four cardinal points, thus directing the energy emissions of advantages inwards allowing a greater and more powerful transmutation of frequencies. For maximum accumulator-transmuter effect, position your Pyramid of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® golden ratio directly on a geopathogenic node or near the device that emanates the largest polluting electromagnetic field in your home (or your close environment).

The difference between a conventional pyramid whose all angles are equal and an ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® golden ratio pyramid is that: the simple pyramid positioned the faces towards the cardinal points, will perhaps block certain polluting energies without neutralizing them and transmuting them into a measurable high frequency of 15 Hz as the Pyramid of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® has the capacity to do. Thus using in a positive way, the harmful waves that can surround us.

Other benefits of the Pyramid of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® golden number on you and your environment:

  • Get more restorative sleep at night if place in your bedroom.
  • Increase its energy, its concentration (if placed near a strong electromagnetic field).
  • Eliminate physical side effects (fatigue-lack of drive-dizziness-headaches) from harmful electromagnetic fields such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, television, cell phone, computers, synthesizers, music consoles, consoles video games, etc.)
  • Protect your health and your DNA from electromagnetic pollutants.
  • Increase the life of your food, seeds, sprouts (if placed near them).
  • Delay the discharge time of the house batteries.

Object of geobiology, it improves the Feng Shui of your home. Position it in an electromagnetically or geo-biologically polluted room or even more particularly on a fault or a Hartmann node, in order to transmute this frequency into a harmonizing and biocompatible frequency for humansLe champ bioactif particulier des Pyramide d’ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® nombre d’or vous offre un milieu de vie plus saine, harmonieuse, paisible. 

It is the solution to environmental nuisances of all kinds. Your state of health depends on the magnetic field intensity of the chromosomes and the cell nucleus. A weak immune system always starts with a depletion of the magnetic field of genetic material! The force field even protects you from the effects of radioactivity, as proven by the bioresonance measurements, by Dr. Melischko among others.

ion negatif orgo life

This habitat harmonization object is therefore now available to you in several formats. The Standard (large) format as well as the Grande (very large) to cover a larger environment, medium and small format for more personal use.

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