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Why choose Blue-purple colored  stones on the top with  resin in the composition of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY®?

Why choose Blue-purple colored stones on the top with resin in the composition of ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY®?

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Chromotherapy: The colors correspond to vibrations having different speeds, wavelengths and rhythms. They exert a physical, psychic and emotional influence of which we are generally unaware and allow our vital energy to reach a state that greatly facilitates self-healing.


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          Here we can see the mauve blue of the kyanite stones in the Warrior necklaces

According to analysis of camera images taken at The Institute for Bio-Energetic Research by Dr. Prof. Ljuba Ristovsky:

The purple color appears during intense energy processes such as during intense mental activity, playful state of mind, during an energy exchange between a patient and a therapist. These are normal phenomena where we can observe purple color in the aura of living beings.

 With Tesla's studies, Dr. Prof. Ljuba Ristovski was able to observe that when living beings have an energy exchange with their environment, such as with Tesla coils, purple strings come out of their bodies. These cords demonstrate that the organism absorbs the energy given off by the Tesla coils in certain parts of their bodies, so they will be called absorption channels. These absorption channels demonstrate that there are certain blockages and lack of energy in these regions of the body (resulting in physical and psychological imbalances).

It is the characteristic of the absorption channels to almost always be mauve in color. Therefore, since absorption channels (purple) come out of the body where we can observe physical health imbalances, we can conclude that the color purple represents energies that are beneficial to the body, energies that are often lacking in the organism.

Some tests have been carried out with a PIPI camera and Tesla amplifiers proving that purple-colored energies have benefits for human and animal health. As if the living organism, be it human, animal or plant, was beginning to exchange energy with its environment, with the Earth, contributing to the self-regeneration of its own cells.


Let us see here on the left how the patient no longer has a positive energy exchange with his environment. On the right we see that in energy treatment the patient begins to open his purple absorption channels indicating a beginning of healing for the patient.

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